-long version-







550 cm

  54 cm

18 - 20 kg

140 kg

80 x 41 cm

Zenith_SG is a modern seakayak/ touringkayak with influences from the racing sector. The kayak is developed for extended touring but also for the after-work session on the water. In order to cover long distances quickly the boat has been optimized in terms of speed using computational fluid dynamics. Design aspects from racing- and seakayaking were combined and the whole design was implemented so that it can be built in the Stitch & Glue method by hobby craftsmen.

Which Version to Choose?

Features Long Version:

  • Longer and narrower
  • Faster
  • Significantly more tippy
  • Higher deck
  • Especially suited for very tall paddlers
  • Especially suited for paddlers looking for a fast kayak

Not suited if:

  • Paddling beginners
  • Very small body size

Features Short Version:

  • Shorter and wider
  • Slightly slower
  • More maneuverable
  • Significantly more tipping stability
  • Lower deck hight
  • For beginners and advanced paddlers
  • Especially suited for paddlers looking for a good compromise between speed, tipping stability, comfort and maneuverability


Wavpiercer Bow

  • Speed advantage in calm and rough seas
  • Less rocking at incoming waves


  • The "cutaway" at the foreship increases the efficiency of paddling due to optimal paddle strokes close to the boat
  • Sealed-off foreship for more security and extra hatch-option

Aft Ship

  • Sealed-off aft ship for more security and extra hatch-option
  • Less wind attack surface due to flat aft ship


  • Maximum waterline length for high average boat speed
  • Less wind attack surface due to flat aft ship


  • Keyhole cockpit opening with hip supports and tigh braces

               Build it.

                       Paddle it.


Clear lines, modern design: With the Zenith_SG, Deus Delighted takes the next step in kayak design. The design of the kayak sets itself apart from the popular kayaks on the market. The well-balanced design meets the middle between sporty character and comfortable paddling. Zenith_SG is a guaranteed eye-catcher on the water! 


Zenith_SG is especially designed for efficient paddling. The hull was optimized with computational fluid dynamics for speed and good tipping stability. The deck shape, especially the foreship, has been designed to allow a close and efficient paddle strock near to the boat.


After work paddling, marathon or extended multi-day trip: The long waterline in combination with a beam of 54 cm allows fast and also safe paddling. The combination of the hull shape, the lenght and the beam makes Zenith_SG to the perfect all-round kayak for all four seasons.

Stitch & Glue Construction Method

Stitch & Glue is one of the easiest boat building methods. The costruction method requires little tools and no prior knowledge of boatbuilding or in handling epoxy and fiberglass. You dont have to saw or plane, all wooden parts are CNC routed. It has never before that easy to build such complex designs. 

1. Stitching & Glueing

CNC routed Okoumé wood parts are temporary stitched and glued together.

2. Laminating

The previously stiched and glued parts are now laminated with fiberglass and epoxy resin. The result is a transparent and extremly strong material. 

3. Finishing

Equip the kayak with a seat and a stearing system. Give the boat a finish with clear coat or paint. 

Designed and Engineered

-with Soul-


CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics - optimized hull for high average speed and good tipping stability


The hull of Zenith_SG has been optimized with CFD for paddling on lakes, rivers and oceans. The goal was to find the perfect combination of speed and tipping stability. It has also been considered that the hull has to be still easy to build. 

What does the Kit Contain?

The kit contains all necessary components to build the kayak*:


  • CNC routed wood parts
  • Fiberglass
  • Epoxy resin and hardener
  • Seat
  • Back support
  • Footbraces
  • Building manual in english or german

*not included is the hatch-upgrade and consumer materials such as brushes, mixing cups, clearcoats etc. 

What do I need to build the kayak?

You need a minimal amount of tools and materials such as:

  • Paint/ clear coats
  • Cutters
  • Scissors
  • Sanding paper
  • Kitchen scale
  • Some clamps
  • Sanding tool

Turn Wood into Art