Isn't a wooden kayak much havier than those "standard" kayaks on the market? 


No. Wood has a lot of advantages over "modern" materials. The combination of wood and composite materials makes the boat much stiffer than any other material. Thus you lose less energy while paddling, because the hull isn't bent in and out at every paddle stroke. Wooden kayaks are also much lighter than most other kayaks on the market. DAWN_one weights 15 to 16 kg (33 - 35 lbs). Zenith_SG weights between 18 to 20 kg.  

Is a wooden kayak not too fragile for daily use? 


In most cases wooden kayaks are more stable than conventional kayaks. My boats are laminated with carbon fibres inside and fibreglass outside. The combination creates an extremly stiff and durable kayak. The wood also has no more contact to the water, so it is preserved for a life time.

Do you ship outside Germany?


Yes, I ship worldwide. Please send me an email and I will discuss transport and shipping with you.


I'm interested in your kayaks. Is it possible to test the boat? 


Yes of course, we can arrange a test drive in Berlin, Germany. Please contact me via the contact form.