Standard Version:



Cockpit Opening: 

Load Capacity:

614 cm

44 cm

92 x 42 cm

100 kg

See DAWN - Customized * for getting plans with your favourit dimensions.

DAWN is a 6,14 m* long boat, inspired by sea kayaks, surskis and racing kayaks and mainly designed for calm waters such as lakes. The sealed-off fore- and aftship makes the boat unsinkable and provide more security in case of capsizing.  

More practical than a racing kayak, faster than a sea kayak and more comfortable than a surfski. 


Wavepiercer Bow

  • Easy cleaving of waves due to special bow design.
  • Litte loss of speed in rough waters. 



  • Sitting position as known from flatwater racing kayaks and surfskis due to size of the cockpit.
  • Easy access - even for tall paddlers.



  • Concave shape of the deck before the cockpit.
  • Effort-saving possibility of strokes close to the boat and therefore an optimal power transmission.  

Aft Ship


  • A flat aft ship gives the wind less surface to attack.
  • Better performance in windy conditions.   



  • Through maximal waterline length the boat aims highest possible speed.

Widest Part 

  • The widest part of the boat is located behind the midship in order to enable an optimal immersion of the paddle into the water. 

Product Video


The hull has been optimized using numerical flow simulation (computational fluid dynamics) for calm waters such as lakes and rivers. The goal was to find the perfect combination between speed and tipping stability. The result of the studies is a circular frame, which flattens at the back and leads to more stability in rough waters.  


               Build it.

                       Paddle it.

Why Wood?







  • Wooden kayaks are much stiffer than boats made of fibre reinforced plastic - even stiffer than carbon boats. 


  • Wooden kayaks are very light. Anyone who has to take his boat to the pier or has to lift it on the roof of his car will appreciate a lightweigt kayak. In addition, light kayaks accelerate quicker and have a more agile performance. 


  • The wood is conserved by the fibreglass and epoxy resin. Therefore it does not require any extra effort for maintenance compared to plastic kayaks. 

DAWN - Customized*

DAWN is designed and test built with the dimensions 6,14 m x 0,44 cm. Nevertheless: You like the design of DAWN and would like to build exactly this boat but for example you don't have enough space in your workshop or the dimensions are too sporty for you, meaning you would like to have different dimensions? By ordering a DAWN - Customized Version you tell me your desired dimensions and your body weight and I will adapt the building plans according to your wishes!

Please select DAWN - Customized in the shop for this version.