Allround SUP-Board






13-14 kg

Paddler Weight

-100 kg

Z-O-E is an All-Round SUP Board developed especially for beginners and advanced paddlers. The SUP is inspired by classic surf boards and combines good performance characteristics on smooth water and surfing potential in waves. 

The combination of length and width results in a stable and agile SUP for the whole family.

The shape is designed for a wide range of activities like fitness paddling, yoga, surfing or just relaxing on the board. 



The SUP consists of a wooden skeleton which is covered on all sides with okoumé plywood. The skeleton gives the board its stability while remaining suprisingly light thanks to the hollow wood construcion. 

The SUP kit is built in the stitich & glue construction method and is designed to be easily built by beginners.


The construction is structured into the following building phases:

  • Pre-cut wooden parts are glued together to their full size 
  • Assembly, stitching and then gluing of the individual parts
  • Laminating the board with fiberglass and epoxy resin
  • Varnishing for a perfect finish



Simple assembly of the frame by inserting them into each other and then gluing the wooden parts together.

Build it. Paddle it.


11' x 32''







Inspired by classic surfboards and suitable for a wide range of uses such as fitness paddling, yoga, surfing or just relaxing on the board. 

What's inside the Kit?

The kit contains the following components*:

  • CNC routed wood parts
  • Fiberglass
  • Epoxy resin and hardener
  • Finbox and Fin
  • Anti-slip pads made of EVA foam**
  • Building manual in english or german

*Not included are consumables such as brushes, mixing cups, varnish, etc.

**Delivered as raw material to be able to determine the pattern individually


What do I need to build the SUP?

You need a minimum amount of tools and materials such as:

  • Varnish
  • Cutters
  • Scissors
  • Sanding paper
  • Kitchen scale
  • Some clamps
  • Sanding tool